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LBU - Weekend Boston trip


Saturday night me (George Duran) and my Dad and Steven Klein decided to dip out to Boston while chilling in the couch debating to what to do for the night. This was around 11PM earlier in the week Matt Mantas came to the shop and showed some support and then offered us to come over on the weekend if we wanted to ride Boston we were able to stay over his place. We called him last minute saying we were heading out there and if it was alright to stay over? We ended up in Boston at 3am rode for a hour knocked out woke up and ended up riding this skate plaza right in front his house. After that got some breakfast and rode a local park that was pretty sick. Then providence was where we headed after and yea we had a blast.

Steven Klein throwing him self down the ledge with a crusty smith as shown above.

 George airing this beautiful spot in providence.

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